Monday, April 30, 2012

A new trend in Art

I travel and visit different art shows and as of date I have noticed a trend in art that I've never seen before. Its called reuseable art. Artist are taking things that have been disposed of and making beautiful pieces out of them. I think this idea is wonderful, so great I wanted to blog about it. If there is anyone out there who has come across such art send in a comment and share with us. It's a wonderful way to make our planet a better place . Whats so neat about it is our visionaries , the artist are flowing with all kinds of new ideas on ways to make something useable and beautiful out of something  thats been disgarded. Take a look at the picture I took of an artist use of old window frames. Such a piece would work well in a room that needed a window , like a small bathroom. The piece could give you the sense of  being in larger room. There was also a women who made beautiful wind chimes out of old bottles she cut into rings, and much much more. I like this trend it shows the movement of the people caring for the planet.

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